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Some Exploration Work

I am a little behind with my is amazing how fast time goes sometime...I can't believe summer is almost over! I have been enameling & exploring some new techniques over the summer. The picture above shows some exploration pieces...The green and blue earrings are what I want to talk about in this post...

The green ones are my first example using separation enamel and the blue pair are using crackle enamel...I am really happy with both attempts, but I can imagine it will take some time to understand how different colors work together...Also, I was proud of myself for sitting down and actually trying them. I had the materials for awhile and just kept putting it off...the more time that went by the more intimidated I got by them (don't ask me why??)...but once I sat down I realize that it wasn't anything to worry about and I just let go of the need to do it "right" and just did it! Really pleased on how they turned out! Overall, a good lesson for me...

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