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...May Flowers

Can you guess what colors are associated with May? My first guess was in the running...I was thinking of lilac or pastel purple and in fact there were a few sites that referenced lilac and off-white as the colors for May. But doing some more on-line research, the main color for May is bud green and maybe to a lesser degree yellow...These two colors surprised me, but in hindsight maybe they shouldn't have...May's birthstone is emerald (love emeralds!!) and May does represent new beginnings and growth, so bud green is a good choice. For emeralds, they represent health, fertility and faithfulness...and even though I haven't really thought too much about it, those are all qualities I associate with May...It is such a great time of the year...winter is long-gone, and summer is just around the corner, people are spending more time outdoors and are more active, the world around is blooming and new possibilities are all around...

Since I have posted both green and yellow for previous months, I decided to go with my first guess for May....hope you enjoy this enameled flower pendant in off-white and lilac. Colorful and a little whimsical...setting the right tone for May!

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