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April Showers...

When I think of April, I don't necessarily think of a specific color. Instead I think of a tone...mainly pastels. Pale yellow, soft pink, baby blue, lilac and light green. These colors make me think of babies, Easter and innocence...I guess new beginnings...which is appropriate for April.

Looking into April more, pastel colors are definitely associated with the month and there is some debate on which pastel represents April. An argument could be made for any of the pastels, but I think pale yellow seemed to be the front runner for April's color of the month. I have grown to like yellow more and more as time goes on. Yellow represents energy and positivity. I think pale yellow represents all that but also has an element of innocence, making it almost sweet.

A while ago, I made a series of riveted pendants. One of my favorite ones is shown here in yellows. I love the playful polka dots and the energy from the smaller disc...Overall I think all the yellows work together to create a fun and joyful piece!

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