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Finding Inspiration

One of the main elements of my jewelry is color. Not only do I like color in all aspects of my life, but I find it life affirming. It can take your breath away with its brightness or make you sigh with its calmness.... For 2022, I am going to use my blog to explore my love of color to fuel my own creativity, but hopefully to create a dialogue with you to learn about how you think and feel about color as well...

With this being the last day of 2021 and the mellowness of the end of one year leading into the promise of a new year, I'll leave you with this image from Fort Funston in San Francisco, CA at sunset. Every year at this time, I make a journey to the beach to soak in its beauty. This picture was from a few years ago. I love how this photo came captures perfectly how I feel at the time of the year...quiet solitude, reflective with a spark of promise for the new year!

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