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Colors of February

I think since Valentine's Day is such a big part of February, it is hard not to think of red as the color of February. When I did a quick on-line search, red was in fact the most common color associated with February, but there were also several other colors...some expected and others not so much...

The main expected colors were cherry red and pink which both make sense. Both are associated with love with pink a symbol of romance and red representing passion. Another expected color comes from February's birthstone. With Amythest being the most common birthstone of February (but not the only one), purple is also a color frequently associated with the month. Purple is meant to "inspire self-awareness and a clear mind". I like all three of these colors and their meanings making February a month full of emotion, but with self-reflection and some introspection.

The not-so-expected colors for February were light blue and yellow. With light blue, I like to think this is a carryover from January symbolizing water and winter. But yellow was the most surprising color and almost seems out of place for February...Yellow is associated with happiness and energy and for whatever reason not what I think of when I think February...Thoughts? Agree or Disagree?

These enamel earrings were inspired by Valentine's Day and the colors of love (pink and red). Photograph above shows work in progress of various enamel pieces in different shades of purple.

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