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Slow start to the year...

Not sure about you, but the start of 2022 has gone smoothly, but slower than expected (especially when it comes to jewelry). The main reason is that we got a puppy on New Year's Day! I have always been a dog lover and have had dogs my whole life, but I have never had a puppy...Ohmigawd! talk about life altering! Don't get me wrong...I am totally enjoying him, but it is a lot harder than I imagined! The first week was the hardest for the whole family as we all tried getting to know each other, but it is getting smoother with every day (thank goodness!) I imagine it will be pretty time consuming over the next several months, but excited to see how things turn out!

I am planning on getting into the studio this week to do some enameling which I am excited about (fingers crossed that I can make it happen!) But I did start to apply to some of my favorite outdoor shows for the upcoming year... really looking forward to getting back to some of my favorite shows to see both new and old customers as well as other artists I have met over the years...that is something I have missed since the start of the pandemic (although I got a little glimpse of that at the end of last year!)

For this month's color inspiration, I have listed an older photo of some of my enamel work in purples. I like to follow color trends and this year the Pantone color of the year is Very Peri. According to their website, Veri Peri is "a dynamic blue hue that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red." Not sure if there is Thompson enamel equivalent to Very Peri, but some of the colors below come close...I am looking forward to experimenting with some of my purples to see what I can come up with!

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