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In a blink of an eye...

It always amazes me how fast time can go by...If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I have been struggling to be consistent with my posts...And here I am again... The last several weeks have flown by...they have been full of fun: a great trip to the UK, another trip to visit some dear friends and of course time spent enameling (experimenting with decals).

So even though I am "late" with this post, feeling OK with it. Life has been good lately and I want to embrace these good times and memories! In fact, so much has been going on not sure what I should post! So I am going to break my normal format and post a few of my favorite memories from the last several weeks...hope you enjoy!

St Paul's Cathedral in London...Although I did not get to tour the Cathedral due to the Queen's death...just the glimpse I got was breath taking!

From my trip to Bellingham Washington. Not only was the scenery beautiful, but the company was good for my soul! A much-needed visit with good friends and an escape from my daily grind.

And finally, some new work (in-progress)...been playing with decals and loving all the possibilities!

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