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April is the month to start exploring...

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

One of my goals for 2021 was to explore new techniques for enameling. Recently, I realized that I haven't been doing much of that...instead I've been focusing on tried and true methods and designs. To better align with my goals, I've decided for the next few months (starting in April), I am going shift my focus from producing jewelry and instead experiment with some new methods and techniques that I have been wanting to help jumpstart this learning, I have signed up for a decal class @silverajewelryschool which I am really excited about! Hoping that for next month's post I can show off some new pieces!

Although not a new technique, I have attached a photo of some new earrings just listed in my Etsy shop...I have been seeing a lot of geometric shapes lately and really like how these earrings turned out with the textured brass U...these earrings have both great color/shine and movement when worn...a little peek of things to come!

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