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Another year and a new focus...

Having a consistent and relevant blog is something I have been wanting for a few years now. The problem is I haven't been able to find a focus. So for 2023 I am going to set a theme for the year and see if that helps. The theme for this year will be colors of the year. If you are familiar with my jewelry, you would know that it is playful and colorful. In fact, I find a lot of inspiration from color.

One of the things I keep track of and look forward to is Pantone's announcement for color of the year...I love to see the color palettes and how they change with each season, but I also think there is something about the seasons' colors that is also constant throughout time. I think there are some universal color themes associated with the seasons or a given month. Birthstones are an example of this. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my love of color as well as spend some time exploring the meaning of colors and how they are associated with certain times of the year.

So let's start with January...I automatically think of red/garnet since that is January's birthstone. And it is true that garnet is associated with January. Garnet can signify power, wealth and peace...all good thoughts to start off the year with! But I was also surprised to see that white and light blue are also associated with January. White signifies "new" or "fresh" while light blue is for water and winter. When I think about white and light blue, I do see the connection to January. They do remind me of new beginnings and a fresh start.

These fun hoop earrings were inspired by January colors. I really like how they turned out...they definitely feel fresh and have a chilly winter feel to them!

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